Veteran's Day Tribute

Princeton students created a unique tribute, performing original opera compositions and slam-poetry renditions of World War I-era poems. For Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Ritual and [W]rites - Senior Theses

From combing through reference materials to crafting a piece of performance art, the senior thesis offers challenges and rewards, along with a few rituals. For Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Princeton's Puzzle Masters

Highlights from the 2013 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Brooklyn, including interviews with Will Shortz and four-time tournament champion Dan Feyer '99. For Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Commencement 2012

The official video of the Princeton Class of 2012 graduation ceremony.​​ For Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Princeton LGBTQA Student Voices

A collection of stories from Princeton students about what it's like to be LGBTQA. For Princeton LGBT Center.

A day in the "student colony"

Princeton students in an unusual "hands on" class, building an outdoor community. For Princeton Alumni Weekly.